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 Wellington Insulation Co. Ltd
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No. 1 Asbestos Removal and Insulation company in Shropshire
Asbestos Removal and Disposal Specialists, Thermal Insulation Contractors, Sheet Metal Work, Air monitoring and bulk samples taken. HS(G)70 and BS6700 Water Quality Specialists.

Wellington Insulation Co. Ltd, is a family owned company with over 42 years of service and experience in the Asbestos Removal and Thermal Insulation trade.

We have long been associated with Local Councils, Ministry Departments, NHS Trusts, Fire Service and Police authorities and well as local industry and commerce, and are included on the Local Authorities lists of approved Contractors.

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Services We Can Offer
Licensed Asbestos Removal, Licensed Transport and Disposal of asbestos waste at our own Environment Agency Licensed waste transfer station.

Asbestos surveys.
Bulk samples taken to test for asbestos.
Thermal Insulation.
Anti-Legionella survey and water treatment.

All insulation work is installed to B.S. standards, using B.S. quality approved materials and can be fitted with a wide range of finishes, including class ‘O’ fire resistant to wipe clean chemical resistant PVC and aluminium cladding

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Registered in England & Wales no. 914036       VAT Registration no. 159 920 828   
Wellington Insulation Company Limited, Unit B2, Halesfield 21, Telford, Shropshire, TF7 4NX.